President and CEO Todd Burns Writes ESG Expert Opinion Article for Global Business Reports

If you asked President Todd Burns about the last year (2020), he would undoubtedly say that ESG (Environmental Social Governance) has played a huge role not only for Cypher Environmental, but for many industries around the world, especially mining.  He has appeared on many panels and discussions in recent months to discuss the impact ESG has had on the company, and the communities they have helped. So, it was no surprise that he was asked to write an Expert Opinion Article for the GBR MACIG Mining in Africa Country Investment Guide: West Africa 2020-2021 report.

In the article titled ESG and CSR; The Future Path to Ethical Profits, Todd describes that the effective implementation ESG is when a company’s outputs have as much positive impact on the environment and society as possible, thereby creating more growth and economic prosperity for itself. He goes on to explain, that at Cypher Environmental, way before ESG was a notion, the company had inadvertently founded the company based on two principles that tie in nicely with it, namely, solving environmental problems and using only sustainable and environmentally friendly inputs.

Read the full article here.

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