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Cypher Environmental products landed in Santiago, Chile about four years ago when VialCorp Director, Felipe Dominguez, discovered the high-quality of environmentally-friendly Dust Stop® and EarthZyme®. After he saw the accompanying support of Cypher’s technical and operational team, he knew distributing for Cypher was the right next step.


“For many years we have been looking for 100% green products to provide our customers an alternative solution to the use of salts or asphalt,” said Felipe. 

VialCorp started about 10 years ago when Felipe noticed a gap in the market for companies who specialize in dust control. He began the business with his family and became the first company in Chile to specialize in dust control and road maintenance. 

Since then, his company has grown to provide dust control, road maintenance services, and ice control to largely mining, forestry, and agricultural companies. 

While VialCorp’s headquarters remain in Santiago, a team of 150 engineers, technicians, and field operators work through subsidiaries in Colombia and Peru.

Ivan, Todd, Felipe
Left to right: Ivan Duque (CEO RoadCorp, Todd Burns, Felipe Dominguez) Starting a project in Valencia, Colombia

Before starting VialCorp, Felipe worked as a civil engineer for a decade at several road maintenance companies. Over the last ten years, he’s been dedicated to growing his businesses. Felipe remains the director and partner of three companies, but always finds time for his family. One of his favourite things to do is play guitar while his children sing and add their own instruments. He loves to play tennis and visit his beach house, but still is passionate about projects at work. 

“I get excited every time we improve a path, especially when the result improves the quality of life of the people who use it,” says Felipe. “In addition, my job allows me to travel and meet people from all over the world.” 

Like Cypher Environmental, VialCorp and its subsidiaries have set out to be leaders in the use of environmentally-friendly technologies. This allows them to have a competitive advantage on their rivals and always be one step ahead.


Felipe explains that Cypher Environmental promotes the sharing of technical knowledge among all of their distributors around the world. In the last four years, VialCorp has learned from the experiences of other distributors across five continents, and he has even become close friends with all of them. He describes the distributor network as a big family. 

“We’ve discovered great friendships in Cypher’s distributor network,” says Felipe. “Apart from that, we mutually share the results and experiences of the projects we work on. There’s invaluable learning there, and it benefits our clients across the world.” 


Road stabilization in Valencia, Colombia

One of the projects that stands out to Felipe is the first road built in Colombia by VialCorp using EarthZyme® and Dust Stop®

Cypher Environmental products were included in a research project promoted by the public road administration agency (INVIAS) to compare five different road stabilization technologies. 

Even though the road construction was delayed due to rain, the section of the road built with Cypher technology was by far the best of all five. The project was a huge success. 


Road construction finished in Valencia, Colombia

Felipe says another memorable part of this road application was having Todd alongside the VialCorp team that week. 

“We stayed in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Despite the very few amenities, we had a lot of fun. Cypher’s willingness to travel and support projects in small communities such as this is a testament to their willingness to support their distributors globally.” 

If you think you would like to work with a company on your road stabilization needs who cares about the environment, always strives to do the right thing, and wants to save you on your bottom line costs, check out our list of distributors here.

For more information on VialCorp, and how to get your hands on Cypher’s solutions in Chile, Peru and Colombia, check out their website here.

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