Meet our Vice President of Operations

Mike Sevigny has the career and life experience you can only hope for when looking for a Vice President of Operations. 

He holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Montreal Business School (HEC) and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Manitoba. Mike then served 10 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, held several management positions at Bombardier Aerospace over 15 years, was in charge of the engineers at the Maintenance and Repair facility at Honeywell, and then moved to take over the Reliability Program for locomotives at CP Rail before joining team Cypher. 

Mike was born in Quebec, but these positions allowed him to live across Canada in P.E.I., Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba — a real asset when your company is looking to solve environmental issues across the country, and the globe.

After finding Cypher Environmental’s job posting on Indeed, Todd, Teaghan, and Mike sat down to discuss the mission statement of the company and how Cypher Environmental strives to always do what’s right. He was excited to learn about how Cypher is environmentally conscious of the decisions they make. If it’s about packaging or sending products out, they have to minimize their footprint, but also, give back to the community.

After getting to know Mike and discovering his positive attitude, drive to make the world a better place, passion for the outdoors, and love of his family — including a wife, son, daughter, and Bernedoodle — the team knew Mike would make a great fit at Cypher. 

Even with all of his life experiences, he’s not done educating himself yet. 

“I’m learning to be a bit more respectful about the environment and doing what’s right,” says Mike. “My kids are happy about that. They love that I work for an environmentally-conscious company. They are proud of me.” 

As a newer employee, Mike says working at Cypher is very different than working at bigger companies where everyone is fighting to move up. At Cypher, everyone is working towards a common goal. The more he heard, the better it sounded and he wanted to be a part of it.

“It’s a very refreshing attitude here. It’s more like a family. People help each other out and we get the job done. There is a very strong teamwork component.” 

His days start with two morning meetings. One with the Operations Manager and the other with tech support to figure out the plan for the day, deadlines, roadblocks, priorities, and if any help is required. 

Discovering the negative side effects of what people are using for dust control and soil stabilization was eye-opening for Mike. He says knowing he can make a difference is what motivates him to come to work.

Mikes biggest challenge is taking baby steps. He sees the potential Cypher has and he has to remind himself that you can’t do everything all at once

“I want Cypher to become a household name when it comes to environmentally-conscious products. Right now we are concentrated on mines, but there is a whole world out there that could be using the products. I see nothing but growth in the next years. There are so many other industries where we could be making a huge impact. I want to see the company grow with that,” says Mike.  

Mike says the sense of belonging and being in a family is really big at Cypher. It’s something that new to him and he’s enjoying it a lot. 

“That doesn’t mean you can’t have the hard conversations, it’s just that people treat everybody here with respect and we all work towards a common goal,” Mike says. “That’s something that I really value here.” 

If you think Cypher Environmental sounds like a great place to work, check out our Careers page for current openings. 

You can find more information on our eco-friendly products like Dust Stop® and EarthZyme® here.

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