Meet our Senior Vice President of Business Development

Our SVP of Business Development, Andrew Lindsay, is one of those guys that are easy to connect with. If you don’t know much about engineering or solving environmental issues, you can talk to him about boating, his need for speed, home renovations, or living in a house full of women with his wife and three daughters — can you say, dance dad?

He’s also a very nice guy. He raised over $70,000 for local charities by putting on Christmas lighting shows with his brother, which landed him multiple job offers. He decided to finish school first and graduated with honours in Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology diplomas.

Andrew landed a job at an automation company doing controls engineering and teaching robots how to weld automotive frames etc., which then led to a new job as the VP of Engineering and Technology Development for a company developing fuel-saving technologies using Hydrogen for transportation trucks and large mining haul trucks. After 14-years, a transition into sales, and nine CEO changeovers, Andrew thought it was time for a change.

Andrew met our President, Todd, in Cape Town, South Africa, while they were both on work-related trips. After the encounter, every mine Andrew visited globally, he urged them to talk to Cypher Environmental to solve their dust issues! Todd contacted Andrew as soon as he was on the market.

Andrew manages the global accounts and is responsible for ensuring that communications are as clear and concise as much as possible. He spends a lot of time on Google translate, speaking with distributors around the globe. His inbox receives anywhere from 80-100 emails per day, and he uses WhatsApp extensively with Cypher’s distributors and customers. 

“This means that we are in near real-time communications with our customers, bringing them a better experience vs. having to wait for an email. According to my Samsung Galaxy S10+ ‘phones ‘digital wellbeing’ metrics, my day looks like 1,200 notifications per day!”

Andrew says he works so hard because he knows that Cypher Environmental is making a difference in the lives of people and communities around the globe. He’s constantly learning about new methodologies and technologies to be used as sales tools, reading up on industry news, strategizing with our senior team at Cypher, managing the network of over 45 distributors, agents and representatives to ensure smooth operations and grow the sales in various markets, and much more. 

“The company culture at Cypher Environmental is one of the best. It’s very open-minded. Expectations are that we all know what duties are needing to be done and we help achieve these expectations by helping each other. Everyone who works at Cypher is very passionate about the work they do, the work that Cypher does, and what we’re able to do to help save the earth — even if only a little bit at a time. The Cypher outings keep everyone energized and connected and Todd is always available, even when he travels.”

Andrew says, at his time with Cypher Environmental he’s learned how much the world truly needs environmentally friendly dust control. He believes there is a serious demand for this technology that Cypher has developed to inherently save the companies and municipalities tons of money while being environmentally conscious. He hopes to see continued growth and success with Cypher Environmental in being able to provide alternative/green solutions for their customers and to continue to improve and develop technologies that will make a significant difference for the world.

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