Cypher Environmental’s President Speaks to International Business Students at Red River College

On October 14, 2015, Todd Burns, President of Cypher Environmental Ltd., did a presentation to the International Business Students at Red River College’s downtown Winnipeg campus. Todd was requested to speak by the college because of Cypher’s diverse experience in doing business abroad and due to the fact that he has personally travelled to over 40 countries around the world for business purposes with Cypher, making his experiences and expertise in international business a relevant topic for the students. Todd is also a former graduate of Red River College’s Business Administration program in 2001, and is always happy to give back to the college through engagements such as this recent presentation.

The International Business program at Red River College prepares students to meet the challenges of adapting to the global marketplace. Small classes are taught by a team of professionals who have real business experience, offering innovative projects designed to apply international business theory through case study and discussion. The program gives opportunities to listen to guest speakers, such as Todd’s recent presentation on his experiences with Cypher Environmental, and to participate in relevant conferences, seminars, and other events. The program offers the students a great glimpse into the real world of international business and gives them exposure to some role models who have already succeeded in their targeted profession.

Todd’s presentation focused on a discussion on the unique environmental road stabilizationdust suppression and wastewater treatment solutions that Cypher Environmental provides, and how Cypher has focused its marketing objectives to successfully target overseas markets, through a unique set of business strategies.

Cypher would like to thank Leslie Wilder, Instructor in the International Business Program at Red River College for the invitation to speak to her students, and to help continue the ongoing mutually beneficial relationship between Cypher Environmental Ltd. and Red River College. Todd is not Cypher’s only former graduate of the college. Cypher has also hired several other graduates in recent years, and has several different Research and Development projects ongoing with the college.

For more information on Cypher Environmental’s relationship with Red River College, please see the recent blog post College receives research grant to continue partnership with Cypher Environmental on solutions for dust control.

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