Cypher Visits Miami for the Sixth International Banana Conference and XXI International Meeting ACORBAT

For the first time, Cypher Environmental attended the Sixth International Banana Conference – CORBANA and 21st International Meeting – ACORBAT, which took place from April 19th to 22nd, 2016 in Miami, Florida. This global event attracted researchers, producers, agronomists and solution providers from around the world, all seeking or proposing solutions that address current challenges for disease control and the optimization of quality and yields in the banana industry.

Over the last few years, continuous innovation has driven the Cypher research and development team to deliver a solution for latex removal in the post-harvest cleaning of bananas. Led by our Costa Rican distributors, Cypher Costa Rica, we partnered with renowned researchers at CORBANA (Costa Rica’s National Banana Corporation) to develop an all-natural, environmentally friendly solution for latex removal and the prevention of post-harvest diseases. Therefore, our presence at the conference offered a great platform to introduce these solutions to more large-scale banana producers. In short, the use of UltraZyme helps improve productivity and save banana producers money!

Now beyond proof of concept, Cypher’s wastewater remediation solution, UltraZyme, is being utilized in the post-harvest weaning pools by banana producers, for superior latex removal and suppression of fungal growth. The results are increased yields and better-quality fruit crops.

Other benefits include improved water conservation and recycle rates, reduced maintenance (clog-free pipeline and drains), and reduced overall sludge volume. Most importantly, Cypher prides itself in providing all-natural solutions that are safe for the workers and non-corrosive to equipment being used. All the factors led to an overwhelming response at the conference and a very busy week.

A special thanks to Cypher Costa Rica for inviting us to join them at CORBANA, and for more details on applications in agricultural post-harvest applications of UltraZyme, please contact us.

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