Letter from the Mayor of Garagoa, Colombia

Cypher Environmental’s EarthZyme® was recently used for road stabilization in the Garagoa Municipality. EarthZyme® was able to effectively provide road stabilization for municipal roads. Read the recommendation letter from Municipal Mayor below.

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“Garagoa – Boyac À
Garagoa, November 11th, 2003.


Kindly to:
Cypher Colombia
Bogota D.C.

Reference: Recognition of the excellent road work in the Garagoa Municipality.

This is your confirmation of special greetings and recognition from the Garagoa Community by the Municipal head, his worship, the Mayor, who has verified with complete satisfaction, the ecological EarthZyme road site through the use of enzymes, which was applied within an area of 240 m, in Ignacia Medina Avenue, fronting onto Garagoa Municipality that governs the capital and the public works department. It is outstanding how your team professionally collaborated with us for the improvement of that formerly disasterous road.

We hope that Valle de Tenza Community visits us to see the high quality of the EarthZyme product, acknowledging our confidence and product durability assurances so that these Mayors can use it in their different public works projects throughout their municipalities.

I am thankful personally to Dr. John B. Miller, President of Cypher Colombia, to Ruben de Jesus Contreras, to Engineer Juan Carlos, to Engineer Leonel Roa, among other Cypher professionals that visited us and trained and educated our personnel so that this fine work was successfully completed in totality.

Municipal Mayor”

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