EarthZyme® Projects

EarthZyme® by Cypher Environmental is a long term and environmentally-friendly solution for soil stabilization. When used on unpaved roads, EarthZyme®’s unique formula creates an increased and lasting compaction of clay-based soils. This significantly decreases road maintenance costs. Below are some of our featured projects on the use of EarthZyme® from around the world.

  • Shenhua Mine Benefits from EarthZyme® Soil Stabilization

    EarthZyme® was chosen for its ability to enhance the engineering properties of clay rich soils. Comprising of a combination of enzymes, electrolytes and surfactants, the EarthZyme formula works by freeing water from the soil enabling it to be compacted into a denser form and altering the clay to bind it together permanently. The roads that EarthZyme® was applied to exhibited tremendous strength despite rainfall, allowing for haul traffic to continue in wet weather conditions. On an annual basis, Shenhua Mine will be able to harvest more coal as well as benefit from savings due to the reduced need for dust ... Read MoreREAD MORE
  • Massive Load Bearing Capacity of EarthZyme® Treated Haul Roads

    Massive Load Bearing Capacity of EarthZyme® Treated Haul Roads

    Columbian Coal Mine Puts EarthZyme® to the Test   A pilot project was carried out to prove the efficacy and enormous strength of EarthZyme® roads to facilitate the use of heavy trucks. These trucks are required in the mining, logging and oil operations around the globe. This specific road stabilization project was on a mine haul road in one of the largest coal mines in Colombia. This operation produces nearly two million tons of coal per year, maintaining a sterile standard ratio of 6 to 1. The mine mobilizes approximately 15 million cubic meters per year using CAT 793 trucks ... Read MoreREAD MORE
  • EarthZyme® Soil Stabilizer Improves Infrastructure in Quito, Ecuador

    Quito, located in northern Ecuador, is the country's capital. In recent years, the city has experienced a substantial increase in population in certain parts of the city. Neighbourhoods were formed quickly to accommodate the rise in population without formal city planning. As a result, infrastructure in these parts of the city was lacking. Proper roads were not built and temporary dirt roads were formed as citizens found ways to get around. In an effort to improve infrastructure and improve living conditions for its citizens, the Municipality of Quito implemented soil stabilization on two major transport roads in the summer of ... Read MoreREAD MORE
  • EarthZyme® Alleviates Gravel Shortage for Syncrude

    EarthZyme® Alleviates Gravel Shortage for Syncrude

    When Base Plant Projects realized Syncrude’s road building material was in short supply, they teamed with Mildred Lake Mining to seek a solution. Did you know that the Alberta oil sands are the third-largest known source of crude oils in the world, next to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela? One of the largest producers of crude oil in Alberta is Syncrude. In 2011, Syncrude produced a considerable 105.3 million barrels of Crude Oil. Syncrude Canada Ltd. is one of the largest producers of crude oil from the oils sands in Canada. Based in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, Syncrude’s current capacity allows ... Read MoreREAD MORE
  • Letter from the Mayor of Garagoa, Colombia

    Letter from the Mayor of Garagoa, Colombia

    Cypher Environmental’s EarthZyme® was recently used for road stabilization in the Garagoa Municipality. EarthZyme® was able to effectively provide road stabilization for municipal roads. Read the recommendation letter from Municipal Mayor below. Read Full Letter “Garagoa – Boyac À AMG-649 Garagoa, November 11th, 2003. Gentlemen: CYPHER COLOMBIA LTD. Kindly to: JOHN B. MILLER President Cypher Colombia Bogota D.C. Reference: Recognition of the excellent road work in the Garagoa Municipality. This is your confirmation of special greetings and recognition from the Garagoa Community by the Municipal head, his worship, the Mayor, who has verified with complete satisfaction, the ecological EarthZyme road ... Read MoreREAD MORE

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