Dust Stop® Projects

Dust Stop® by Cypher Environmental is a non-toxic dust control product that is also environmentally friendly. It is extremely effective at eliminating unwanted fugitive dust from unpaved roads of any soil type.

Cypher Environment has used Dust Stop® successfully on many projects around the world. Please see below for a sampling of our projects that we have completed in the past. For further information, please contact us.

  • Maclean’s Magazine Publishes Article on Red River College Research Partnership and Development of Dust Stop® Municipal Blend

    Maclean’s Magazine Publishes Article on Red River College Research Partnership and Development of Dust Stop® Municipal Blend

    Maclean’s recently interviewed Teaghan Wellman, Director of Research & Development / QA / QC at Cypher Environmental, and Said Hassan, Life Sciences Instructor at Red River College, following up with an article regarding the partnership between Cypher Environmental and Red River College in the development of Cypher’s latest product, DUST STOP® Municipal Blend. The dust control and soil stabilization product is the culmination of a relationship established between the Winnipeg company and college in 2014 by Todd Burns, Owner & President of Cypher Environmental. A graduate of Red River College’s Life Sciences program, Teaghan Wellman, along with approximately 70% of Cypher’s staff are graduates of the college, showcasing RRC’s ability to create jobs for its graduates through partnerships with companies like Cypher. One of Red River College’s primary objectives is bridging the gap between education and industry; whether by implementing work placement programs or the facilitation of student research grants, …READ MORE
  • Dust Stop® Municipal Blend Receives Certification From BOEING Following Stringent Testing

    Dust Stop® Municipal Blend Receives Certification From BOEING Following Stringent Testing

    After a rigorous set of tests performed by Scientific Material International, the industry leader of aerospace materials testing, Dust Stop® Municipal Blend received certification for conforming to BOEING D6-17487 REVISION T. This certification provides assurance that Dust Stop® Municipal Blend has no harmful effects when introduced to sensitive aircraft materials, deeming it worthy of aircraft runways and service roads. Testing involved included: In accordance with ASTM F1110, this test method defines the procedure for evaluating the corrosivity of aircraft maintenance chemicals, when present between faying surfaces (sandwich) of aluminum alloys commonly used for aircraft structures. This test method is intended to be used in the qualification and approval of compounds employed in aircraft maintenance operations. In accordance with ASTM F484, this test method covers determination of the crazing effect that a liquid or semi-liquid test compound will have on transparent acrylic plastic material that is under bending stress. In accordance …READ MORE
  • Dust Stop® Municipal Blend a ‘Hole in One’ at Bel Acres Golf & Country Club

    Dust Stop® Municipal Blend a ‘Hole in One’ at Bel Acres Golf & Country Club

    Bel Acres Golf & Country Club is an 18 hole championship golf course just outside of Winnipeg, MB, Canada. The course, staffed and operated by Canadian PGA professionals, sees thousands of golfers per season, and hosts dozens of tournaments per year. One of the city’s highest rated golf courses, Bel Acres sees a heavy amount of traffic year-to-year. During the 2017 season, Bel Acres purchased a new fleet of top end golf carts to bolster the club’s already top-notch array of facility services. Going the extra mile, the club tasked Cypher Environmental to treat their cart paths and service/access roads with Dust Stop® Municipal Blend in order to provide dust control and road stability–thus extending the life of the new carts and improving their golfers’ experience. A few weeks following the application of DSMB, Cypher Environmental hosted our first annual golf tournament at Bel Acres and received a host of …READ MORE
  • Cypher Environmental Hosts Inaugural Golf Tournament Fundraiser in Support of Ducks Unlimited Canada

    Cypher Environmental Hosts Inaugural Golf Tournament Fundraiser in Support of Ducks Unlimited Canada

    Through a partnership with Bel Acres Golf & Country Club, Cypher Environmental is very excited to announce our first annual company golf tournament on August 30th, with all proceeds going to Ducks Unlimited Canada. We have chosen to support this organization because their ethos of environmental conservation parallels our own. Since 1938, Ducks Unlimited Canada has completed more than 10,366 projects and conserved, restored and positively influenced more than 158.8 million acres of habitat. That’s an area nearly the size of Manitoba! Cypher’s newest addition to our ever-expanding product line, Dust Stop® Municipal Blend, has been applied to the Bel Acres cart paths as a dust control agent. In addition to showcasing the superior dust suppression properties of our latest product, the application is indicative of the importance of non-toxic and eco-friendly dust suppression solutions in an environment where preserving vegetation condition is critical. We are very excited to drive, pitch …READ MORE
  • Brazeau County, Alberta: Paving The Way to a Greener Future With Cypher

    Brazeau County, Alberta: Paving The Way to a Greener Future With Cypher

    Brazeau County is a municipal district in central Alberta, Canada. This district envelops several Albertan municipalities, most notably, Drayton Valley and the Village of Breton. The wide range of industries operating in the area – oil & gas, agriculture, forestry and bio energy – have provided the County with steady economic growth. Simultaneously, it has created an excellent opportunity for the County to implement environmentally sustainable solutions to address an array of developmental challenges. Within the past decade, Brazeau County has taken a leadership role in addressing energy consumption, waste management and transportation concerns, with an overall focus on reducing environmental footprint. Alongside their initiatives of introducing hybrid vehicles to their fleet and the construction of their solar photovoltaic energy project, environmentally sustainable dust suppression and road stabilization solutions were on the list of priorities for the County, due to the large volume of rural traffic in the area. After …READ MORE
  • Dust Stop® Application at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport

    Dust Stop® Application at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport

    Aéroports de Montréal “Happy With Long Lasting Capabilities” of Dust Stop®   Cypher Environmental Ltd. offers a range of unique environmental solutions that can be used for a variety of applications in environmentally sensitive areas. One recent example was a Dust Stop® application at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport in Montréal, QC, Canada. Dust Stop® has been applied to Route 500 at the airport two years in a row, in 2014 and 2015. It was an ideal solution for the airport due to the need to use a non-corrosive and environmentally friendly product. The non-corrosive factor was an extremely important qualifying necessity for the airport. Corrosive materials are not allowed on the premises because of the sensitivity of airplanes that regularly travel through the airport. Route 500 is located only 500 feet from a major runway which is the minimum legal distance for an unpaved road to be adjacent …READ MORE
  • Dust Suppression for Village of Dunnottar

    Dust Suppression for Village of Dunnottar

    Village of Dunnottar: Recommendation Letter from Mayor   Dear Mr. Burns: The Village of Dunnottar is a community on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. We strive to be aware of the products we use within our community as they will have an effect on the health of Lake Winnipeg. Dust suppressants have been a big concern of mine because they generally have a toxic chemical base (art.64 CEPA). We became aware of Cypher Environmental and their Dust Stop product. Dust Stop contains 100% organic materials that are completely biodegradable, non-toxic and non-hazardous. This past summer the Village applied Dust Stop product to our roads with very satisfactory results. Even with an extremely wet summer, we were pleased with the performance of this product. We are definitely planning to use Dust Stop again next season. I recently attended the Association of Manitoba Municipalities Convention and Trade Show. The Cypher Environmental booth …READ MORE
  • Dust Control Product Testing in Colombia

    Dust Control Product Testing in Colombia

    Excellent Performance of Dust Stop® in Columbia   We recently conducted a demonstration of Dust Stop®’s ability to effectively control dust emissions of particulate matter. This demonstration took place in the COQUECOL Free Zone yard in the Municipality of Buenaventura, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia. The goal is to measure the difference in volume of coal piles with and without Dust Stop® application. Five samples were organized in 1.4m cubes which were open at the top and at the front. Coal was then placed into each cube at an approximate slope of 45%, effectively filling half of the volume of the cube. Three samples were sprayed with Dust Stop® at different dilution rates in water to show the performance of Dust Stop® at controlling dust emissions. Cypher Environmental is a global leader and provider of environmentally friendly solutions. It is our goal to produce and distribute products that are not harmful to …READ MORE
  • Dust Control for Lefa Gold Mine in Guinea, West Africa

    Dust Control for Lefa Gold Mine in Guinea, West Africa

    Cypher Environmental’s Dust Stop® was recently used for dust control for the gold mines in Guinea, West Africa. Dust Stop® was able to effectively provide dust control for mine haul roads. Read the recommendation letter from Acting Mine Manager below. Read Full Letter “23 May, 2012 Dear Mr. Burns, Recently we tried the Dust Stop on our site at the Lefa Gold Mine in Guinea, West Africa. The results obtained were very satisfactory for us and have brought us to the conclusion that we will introduce Dust Stop on all of our haul roads. With the recent taxes being imposed by the Guinea Government on water usage this makes this even more attractive for our site to introduce in as a process. We had a recent visit from the head office in Moscow and discussed the results obtained with Dust Stop. It was perceived as a definite cost savings and …READ MORE
  • Dust Control and Dust Suppression on the Set of Heartland (TV)

    Dust Control and Dust Suppression on the Set of Heartland (TV)

    Hollywood North Impressed with Dust Stop® Performance As a Location Manager in the Film and Television industry in Canada, it is my responsibility to handle the logistics of filming. One of the projects in 2007 was a C.B.C. TV series called “Heartland”. Our main set was located 3 km down a gravel road, where there are probably 10 acreages. Dust abatement was part of our agreement with the local M.D. office, so I started to look at different options. A water truck is the most common way that a Movie Company controls dust. Most shows are only in one area for a short period of time, but “Heartland” would last 5 1/2 months. The water truck would have been extremely expensive, and the water applied everyday to a road increases the need to grade the road. Oil was a very expensive option and it would have to be reapplied throughout …READ MORE
  • Dust Control Waste Management Project

    Dust Control Waste Management Project

    Dust Stop was used by Waste Management for dust control testing on Courtice Field in the Fall of 2008. Dust Stop was able to effectively control dust despite rain days and high temperatures. See the recommendation letter here from the Site Supervisor. Click here to see full letter September 9, 2008 First of all, I would like to thank you Todd and your crew for picking Courtice Field Transfer to undergo a dust control test. To kick things off, we had the material delivered to the site on August 20th and the site set for application on August 26th. Todd arrived to our site from Winnipeg around 11:15a.m. and we commenced getting the vehicle ready to mix the material. The Dust Stop was mixed according to Todd’s calculations and to reach maximum performance, and as you can see by the photos, Todd was not shy in kicking in and helping …READ MORE
  • Dust Stop Undergoes Testing in Korea

    Dust Stop Undergoes Testing in Korea

    Daejin University in Korea conducted a test to verify the efficiency of Dust Stop as an airborne dust suppressant in 2008.  Dust Stop was tested under 3 conditions (calm, mild or strong winds).  Tests were held within a stainless steel chamber to allow control over humidity and temperature. Dust Stop was found to have favourable efficacy to suppressing airborne dust at a rate of 90.7%.  Our product was also found to be appropriate for underground environments. See the full test result findings hereREAD MORE
  • Dust Stop Featured in NCBI Article on Road Dust Control

    Dust Stop Featured in NCBI Article on Road Dust Control

    Dust Stop® was featured in an NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) on road dust control.  According to the article, there are more than 3.9 million miles of roadway in the United States and depending on the area of the country you are travelling in, as much as 70% of that road mileage is unpaved. Studies have shown that as least 20 different human allergens, including molds and pollen, exist in dust that is stirred up from paved roads. Results would be similar, if not worse on unpaved roads.  Particles found in road dust can become lodged in the upper respiratory area and may cause severe irritation. Particles have also been linked to some respiratory cancers.  The article further examines different dust suppressants on their effectiveness and overall impact on the environment.  Dust Stop® was featured as the solution of choice for road dust suppression. Read Full ArticleREAD MORE
  • Approval from the Oregon Dept. Transportation

    Approval from the Oregon Dept. Transportation

    The attached approval from the Oregon Department of Transportation for Dust Stop by Cypher Environmental has just been fully approved in record time by one of the strictest Product Evaluation Committees in the U.S.A.  Our product, Dust Stop has been added to the Qualified Products List in the category for Soil Stabilization. This D.O.T. approval is the baseline test for transportation certification departments worldwide, especially in North America where restrictions and proven results are more critical than almost anywhere in the world. It was also verified in full by the Geo-Environmental Dept. and the demand for a benchmark tested product such as Dust Stop worldwide is now critical due not only to industrial but health issues as well. This simply confirms that Dust Stop®, whether for dust control or soil stabilization, is another Cypher environmental product in high demand that is fully certified and is in immense demand worldwide.  READ MORE

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