With You Today And Down The Road

Cypher Environmental is continually working on progress because we know that’s what you need from us.

We’re proud of our growth and successes, but we thought it was time to make our values, vision, and purpose clear to our staff and audience with fresh branding that represent our modern views.

Our company is constantly evolving, changing and growing, so we would like to introduce our new logo:

Metric Marketing designed this logo to perfectly represent Cypher Environmental. Based on colour theory, green is generally associated with nature, while also symbolizing growth and harmony. Using green in Cypher Environmental’s colour palette helps communicate their promise to better the world by supplying “green” products worldwide. Green is also emotionally tied to the feeling of safety, which is a big concern when Cypher is choosing the environmentally friendly materials their products are made from.

The colour green is also associated with reliability and balance. The effectiveness of Cypher Environmental’s products leads to time and cost savings so you can focus more of your workplace on production, over maintenance. 

The Cypher Environmental icon beside the logo is meant to represent a flag. While located in Canada, Cypher Environmental breaks down borders by connecting dealers from all over the world. This flag icon is meant to show that they proudly partner with companies in countries all around the world to improve the environment regardless of where you are located.

Our Promise:

With you today, and down the road.

Our Competitive Advantage: Partner Collaboration

Our job doesn’t end when you buy our product.

When you choose Cypher Environmental, you get a partner that’s truly dedicated to your success. We’ll work closely with you every step of the way to identify challenges before they occur. When necessary, we will develop custom solutions to meet your needs. If that means being there when you call or personally travelling to visit your site, we’ll do what it takes to make sure your needs are being met and our products are working optimally for you. We’re dedicated to reducing your operational and maintenance costs while continually improving safety and environmental quality in the places you call work and home.


Value Proposition: Product Innovation

When it comes to developing powerful, economical and environmentally sound products, Cypher Environmental can’t be beat. We are the only company of our kind that adheres to a mandate of using all-natural, organic-based biodegradable ingredients in the creation of every product. As pioneers in our field, we are driven to constantly innovate products that add value—not just for our customers, but also for the people and communities they serve. Our innovation is guided by our deep understanding of your industry and needs, and our responsive approach to product development ensures you can work more safely, efficiently, effectively and profitably today and for years to come.

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