Cypher Asked for its Views from the Bank of Canada


On May 27, 2016, Cypher’s President, Todd Burns, had the opportunity to visit with some representatives from the Bank of Canada’s Prairies Regional Office, to provide some feedback on a survey relating to a wide range of economic factors impacting business trends for Cypher, and the various industries in which it operates. Frequent blog posts have been written lately about the mutually beneficial relationship between Cypher and such entities as Export Development Canada, and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, so as one can imagine, Cypher was happy to engage with the Bank of Canada and take part in this meeting, which included hosting these representatives at Cypher’s head office in Winnipeg.

The Bank of Canada plays a key pivotal role in Canada’s economy, by setting interest rates and helping to influence other key factors that help to steer the economy of the country. Due to the widespread industries and markets that Cypher serves, both in Canada and abroad, it was chosen as a company that could shed some light on a variety of topics that the Bank of Canada may consider when making the tough decisions it is tasked with, in respect to the country’s economic policies. This is primarily due to the fact that Cypher has experience working with such a diverse range clients, ranging from multi-national mining clients overseas, to local municipalities, the company can offer insight into a multitude of sectors that are all relevant. The solutions Cypher offers are also considered multi sectoral, when considering for example, the environmentally friendly dust control and soil stabilization solutions the company has developed, are considered both clean-tech, and infrastructure related, due to the fact that they are used to improve road networks for the customers listed above. So overall, the company has some insight to share on a lot of topics that were of interest to the Bank of Canada, and Todd was happy to share it.

The company has a firm policy to always give back, when asked, to the entities out there that can have an impact on how business is shaped and nurtured in Canada. Therefore this was an exciting meeting to take part in, and a phenomenal opportunity to share some views. Pictured below is Alexander Fritsche, Senior Representative- Economics, and Sophie Griffiths, Research Assistant, with the Bank of Canada Prairies Regional Office, alongside Todd Burns, President of Cypher, at Cypher’s head office in Winnipeg.